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1.167Gbps 802.11ac, Indoor dual-band Wireless Gigabit router

Equipment introduction

JR824 is a new wireless intelligent router designed by Shen Zhen JEBI. Based on the 802.11ac standard, using 2*2MIMO technology, the maximum transmission power of 250mW, complete with 1.167Gbps transmission rate, suitable for small and medium-sized shops, Internet cafes,  as well as industry chains and other indoor scene WiFi network coverage. Using Gigabit Ethernet port, wireless internet access more quality experience and wider wireless coverage, can easily meet a variety of wireless business bearing use, such as video, voice and other multimedia services.

Product highlights

● Metal shell design, possess texture and durable

● Built in 512MB Nand Flash, enhance the overall data processing capacity

● 1WAN*4LAN all Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual band, support 802.11ac protocol

● Support the third party audit transplant, expand audit value-added services

● Qualcomm high performance chip program, the maximum transmit power of up to 250mW, supports the highest 1.167Gbps wireless rate

● Support local management and centralized management, centralized management mode to support the JEBI of wireless controller or cloud platform remote management

● External USB port can be connected to external storage devices, easy to expand the business

● Support multi SSID configuration, up to 16

● Support roaming, load balancing, spectrum navigation, illegal AP detection, RF tuning characteristics of fair scheduling of spatial resources

Typical network diagram

Local management mode, JR824 through the formation of local area network NAT, the application of ordinary single routing equipment scene.


Local management mode

Centralized management mode, JR824 can be formed with the cloud platform, suitable for small and medium-sized shops or industry chain


Centralized management mode

Key Featureses

1. Metal shell design, can withstand harsh working environment

JR824 uses a metal shell design, rich texture and durable, greatly reduced the degree of damage, thus prolonging the service life. Because of the metal material density is much higher than that of plastic, waterproof and dustproof performance has better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

2. High performance chip solutions, large capacity cache

Built in Qualcomm high-performance chips as well as large capacity 512M flash memory, improve the overall performance of the system can allow more data stored in the cache, thereby enhancing the overall data processing capacity.

3. Stable and fast network transmission, strong penetration

Based on the IEEE802.11ac standard, using MIMO technology can provide the maximum transfer rate up to 1.167Gbps, equivalent to the traditional 802.11n network wireless access rate more than 3 times. The transmit power up to 250mW, 3 times higher than ordinary wireless router, and have more penetrating power.

4. Support the docking of the third party audit platform to expand value-added services

Third party audit support platform for docking, the equipment can inspect the WLAN site daily and find out the distribution of Wifi hotspots in the area and combined with the spot management of the online inspection and control platform, formation management information system to form a complete place, meet the Ministry of public security 82 orders, but also can realize the value-added services such as user behavior analysis.

5. Integrated intelligent management

The centralized management mode, equipment through the cloud platform, based on the unified management of the project, the configuration of the batch, batch upgrade maintenance, greatly facilitate the user management and maintenance of equipment. At the same time combined with the cloud platform, you can also experience the rich features, such as roaming, spectrum navigation, user authentication and billing, coupled with high quality the advertising push, portal, WeChat WiFi certification, features analysis of operation flow, enhance the real operation ability of users.

6. Superior performance

● Support automatic channel selection through the wireless controller or the cloud platform of intelligent channel switching function, can guarantee that each AP can be assigned to the optimal channel, as far as possible to reduce and avoid the adjacent channel interference makes the connection more stable performance.

● Support AP intelligent load sharing, through the wireless controller or cloud platform channel intelligent switching function real-time analysis of the location of a wireless client dynamically determined in the current time and the current position of AP which can share the load, so as to avoid the client while connected to a AP, cause client throughput reduction problem.

● No support for weak signal access, weak signal management functions by forcing the weak signal terminal line, AP initiative to lower than the specified signal strength or specify the access rate of STA to send the associated frame, allowing STA to reconnect or roaming. Suitable for high density WLAN network (AP dense cloth, such as gymnasium, lecture hall, library, report hall, dormitory, the conference site, etc.) to ensure access to users, improve the user experience.

Power supply: Support 802.3at/af POE power supply
Dimension: 266mm x 162mm x 44mm
Weight: 0.45kg
Interface: 1*10/100Mbps Ethernet ports; 1 Console ports
Working temperature: -10℃ -55℃
Working humidity: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
Power waste: <10W
Antenna: Built-in antenna, 5dBi gain
Components and parts
Chip: AR9341
Standard: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Support rate: 802.11b: 1,2,5.5,11Mbps; 802.11g: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48, 54Mbps; 802.11n: MCS0~MCS15
Spatial flow: 2 *2
Maximum transmit power: 200mW
Channel bandwidth: 20Mhz/40Mhz
Working band: 2.4GHz
2G Supported channel frequency(1): Channel 1: 2.412GHZ; Channel 2: 2.417GHz; Channel 3: 2.422GHz; Channel 4: 2.427GHz; Channel 5: 2.432GHz; Channel 6: 2.437GHz; Channel 7: 2.442GHz; Channel 8: 2.447GHz;
2G Supported channel frequency(2): Channel 9: 2.452GHz ; Channel 10: 2.457GHz; Channel 11: 2.462GHz; Channel 12: 2.467GHz; Channel 13: 2.472GHz;
Maximum physical transfer rate: 300Mbps
Maximum number of wireless access users: 128
Software specification
Network Protocol: PPPOE; DHCP Client; DHCP Server;
Radio frequency(1): Support Automatic/Manual channel adjustment; Support manual adjustment,adjust the size of 1dBm; Support timing on/off RF;
Radio frequency(2): Support for access control based on SSID; Support Chinese SSID; Support limit based on SSID/STA;
Network security(1): Support WEP; Support WAPI-PSK; Support WPA/WPA2-PSL; Support WPA/WPA2 WITH RADIUS;
Network security(2): User isolation; Support MAC black and white list; Support for SSID hide; Illegal AP detection; WIDS(Wireless intrusion detection system); WIPS(Preventing illegal device access);
Authentication billing: Support free certification; Support SMS authentication; Support WeChat wifi authentication; Support key authentication; Support portal authentication; Support wifidog authentication;
Local access management: WEB management mode (Http/Https); Snmpv1,v2c,v3; Support telnet and SSH remote login query; Support reverse SSH function;
Deployment mode: Support local management; Support centralized management; Support routing mode,AP mode,Relay mode; Support IPv4 protocol;
AC discovery mechanism: Two layer broadcast discovery; Static IP address three layer discovery; DHCP Option43 discovery; DNS domain name discovery;
Configuration management: Support breakpoint continuingly upgrade; Support remote batch update, restart; Support local survival mode; Support Syslog log management; Support NTP time synchronization; Export and recovery;
WLAN comprehensive application(1): Terminal rate set optimal allocation; AP minimum contract rate configuration; Weak signal access is prohibited; Seamless roaming; Spectrum navigation function; Load balancing function;
WLAN comprehensive application(2): Multicast application optimization; Wireless location; Electronic fence; Passenger flow analysis;
Quick Guide
Date Version Description Download
May 24, 2017 JR824 Initial release.

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