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802.11n 300Mbps POE, Indoor single frequency wireless access equipment

Equipment introduction

JA712M-E wireless products is a new generation of  Shen Zhen JEBI Technology Co., independent research and development of 802.11n based enterprise AP (hereinafter referred to as AP), wireless access speeds equivalent to 6 times that of traditional 802.11a/b/g networks, with transmit power of up to 200mW, suitable for families, enterprise, hotels, shopping malls and other indoor wireless coverage.

Product highlights

● Qualcomm high performance chip solutions, performance excellence

● Built in high gain antenna, integrated design, elegant appearance, suitable for high-end places

● Support POE power supply, easy installation

● Support local management, while supporting the JEBI wireless controller and cloud platform management  and operation

● Support multi SSID configuration, up to 8

● Support roaming, load balancing, spectrum navigation, illegal AP detection, fair scheduling of space resources and other characteristics

Typical network diagram

Local management mode, JA712M-E routing through the formation of local area network, suitable for the use of WLAN, such as home WLAN or small business scenarios.


Local management mode

Centralized management mode, JA712M-E can be formed with the cloud platform or wireless controller, suitable for small and medium shops, exhibition centers or industry chain.


Centralized management mode

Key Featureses

1. High performance, so that network transmission more stable

Qualcomm high performance chip solutions, based on the IEEE802.11n standard, 2*2 MIMO technology can provide up to 300Mbps of the transmission rate, can effectively provide a higher performance of wireless access services, to ensure that the user speed wireless Internet experience;

2. Built in high gain antenna, POE power supply, suitable for high-end use

Built-in high gain antenna, integrated design, beautiful appearance, flexible installation, it is suitable for installation such as suction ceiling, wall hanging, tabletop mounting, etc. At the same time using standard POE powered, no external power supply, the original power supply cable can easily complete the wireless network structures, suitable for large shopping malls, star grade hotels, private villas other high-end places;

3. Comprehensive wireless security protection at any time to protect your network

Support WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK and other wireless data encryption, in addition, according to JEBI cloud platform / wireless controller, with user access isolation, WIDS, WIPS, AP, anti phishing, anti ARP spoofing fundamentally build a truly secure and secure wireless network for users;

4. integrated intelligent management

The centralized management mode, equipment through JEBI cloud platform / wireless controller, project management based on the configuration issued a batch, batch upgrading and maintenance, greatly facilitate the user management and maintenance. At the same time, JEBI equipment combined with cloud platform / wireless controller, you can also experience a wealth of features, such as access control, bandwidth control, roaming, spectrum navigation, load balancing, user authentication and billing, coupled with high-quality advertising push, portal, WeChat WiFi certification, passenger flow analysis and other operational features, enhance the operation ability of users.

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Software specification
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Quick Guide
Date Version Description Download
May 24, 2017 JA712M-E Initial release.

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